Are Soccer Scarves Turning Into Sports Scarves?

Whatever season is your season, the team at Diehard Scarves will be the first to tell you that custom soccer scarves fit every sport and every season. Wait… Did we say soccer scarves? Are we saying that soccer scarves aren’t just for soccer anymore?

It turns out that fields, courts, and stadiums across the country are filling up with custom apparel from Diehard. School and travel teams, supporter groups, and adoring fans are kicking up their style with us and are making our signature soccer scarves their own sport scarves.

Here’s a bit of inspiration to show how teams are matching up their season to the perfect Diehard scarf:

Spring Sports - The Classic Knit Scarf

As the seasons change, outdoor sports teams gear up with our go-to, Classic Knit scarf. As our most popular and affordable scarf, the Classic Knit is perfect for Lacrosse, Baseball, Softball, Tennis, Track and Field players and fans.

Summer Sports - The Sleekprint Scarf

We know that early morning practices on the water can get chilly even in the summer, which makes the Sleekprint scarf the perfect option for warmer weather sports like Swimming and Rowing.

Fall Sports - The Premier Knit Scarf

For our high school and college sports teams out there - we present the Premier Knit scarf to keep you looking good and staying warm as the temperature drops. From field to court, this soft, yet full, knit option is perfect for Football, Soccer, Basketball, Cheerleading, and Volleyball teams.

Winter Sports - The HD Woven Scarf

Serious winter sports calls for the highest quality scarves. The HD Woven scarf can be customized on one or both sides - allowing for the most detailed logo production for Skiing, Snowboarding, Hockey teams alike.

With so many scarf options available, picking a custom look for the upcoming season couldn’t be easier. With so many ways to wear scarves on game day and ideas to display scarves off-season, we want to join your team and create the perfect set of scarves that reflects your team’s spirit and give life to any sport you love!

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