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Fundraisers are a fun and productive strategy to raise money for your soccer team. There are so many different ways to throw a fundraiser, each offering unique benefits.

Some traditional fundraisers include these classic options:

  • Bake sales: Bake sales have stood the test of time and offer a delicious way to raise money. These fundraisers take a lot of time in the kitchen if you're the one in charge, and you may find yourself spending many hours scooping flour and transitioning sheets from the oven.
  • Car washes: Another common way to raise money is by hosting a car wash. This is a straightforward, trusted way for your team to make extra cash while maintaining a teamwork attitude as your team works together to complete the job. However, if you live in a colder climate, this may not be possible, and you might only be able to use car washes in the summer.
  • Community potlucks: A community potluck is excellent at raising awareness for your team by engaging with your community in a food-motivated way.
  • Coupon books: Coupon books are another time-tested way to spread your team's name throughout the community and raise some money.
  • Digital fundraising: More and more, people are turning to digital fundraising to spread the word about their team. Traditional fundraising methods can be supplemented with the vast network of channels on the internet and social media.

Diehard Custom Soccer Fundraiser

Diehard Custom offers a new and easy way to build a fundraiser. Diehard Custom will walk you through the steps needed to make a successful fundraiser merging old-school philosophy with cutting-edge brand-building platforms on the internet and social media.

Bake sales, car washes and coupon books will always be fundraising classics, but new and innovative ways are available to make your fundraiser effective and worthwhile. Why not build up your team brand and ignite passion in your community while making a profit?

Diehard Custom considered all these questions when designing one of the best soccer fundraising ideas. With this platform, you can fundraise using apparel by designing scarves, shirts and knit hats for your soccer team, custom-designed with your team colors and logo. You can order in bulk, track your orders and sales, and make your community passionate about your team while raising money. It's a practical fundraising idea where everyone wins.

Get a fundraising toolkit, design your apparel, share your link, calculate cost, order your products.

How to Build a Diehard Custom Soccer Fundraiser in 4 Easy Steps

Creating a Diehard Custom fundraiser is simple — we take care of the hard stuff for you, so you can focus on the things that matter. Diehard Custom will help design your product, set up your online shop, manage your sales, and produce, package and ship your products.

1. Get a Soccer Fundraising Toolkit

A fundraising toolkit will guide you through the various aspects of the Diehard Custom fundraising software with a step-by-step, fully laid out itinerary. In the toolkit, you'll find the following:

  • Fundraising Checklist
  • Design Templates
  • Order Form
  • Cost Calculator
  • Goal Visualizer

This checklist will provide you with the tools to build one of the best fundraisers for your soccer team.

2. Design Your Apparel

You have the freedom to create your customized product from a selection of different templates and designs. Diehard Custom has everything you need, whether you're looking for scarves, face masks, beanies, socks, pins or tee shirts. Just pick from one of our frameworks and craft your tailored version with respect to your team's colors and logo.

3. Share Your Link

Promote your online shop through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and share your toolkit with others involved in the fundraiser. This creates a comprehensive, fully dynamic fundraiser that uses multiple channels. Linking ability will set your fundraiser on the path to success.

4. Calculate Cost

With our calculator, it's easy to determine the cost and match it with the quantity you'll need. You can make a significant profit while building your team's brand with our bulk orders paired with outreach to your community. Diehard Custom also uses a low-minimum fundraising framework, meaning you don't have to buy a huge number of items to start your fundraiser. You can stay small and be cost-effective.

4. Order Your Products

We'll help you order, package and ship your products, taking the stress out of planning and executing a fundraiser. Once the products are ordered and the fundraiser is over, we'll fulfill your shipments, and you can see your custom apparel spread into your community.

Diehard Custom Soccer Fundraiser Benefits

Many benefits come with working with Diehard Custom. Build a passionate following, engage your community and spread awareness of your team while utilizing these great aspects:

  • Increased profit: Our design templates and your personal touch make great products that can appeal to everyone in your community. You can double your initial investment in an easy, fun way using low-cost fundraising.
  • Marketability: One of the best things about Diehard Custom is its marketability. Your online shop will be available through one link that you can send out over various social media channels, texts and emails. It will be extremely easy for people to access, check out your awesome products and make purchases.
  • Effective Scaling: You can easily scale your fundraiser, so you know exactly how much you'll need to order and at what cost. Our cost calculator can help you determine this and give you a clear picture of your sales and expenses.
  • High-Quality Products: Diehard Custom offers quality products with excellent material and creative designs to impress your team and those who buy them. It's not just another throwaway fundraising item — this is a product you will cherish and hold on to for a long time.
  • Convenience: This modern approach to fundraising makes it easy for your team to earn major profits. With a Diehard Custom fundraiser, you can let a professional service handle the details, so you can have time to do the fun stuff. Instead of going door to door, making phone calls or sending emails, you can market your fundraiser with one link share on social media and have your whole community see it.
Build your diehard custom fundraiser today.

Build Your Diehard Custom Soccer Fundraiser Today

You don't have to keep doing the same old traditional fundraiser ideas over and over again. Try something fun and original, and choose Diehard Custom. Fundraise using scarves, shirts and more to create a popular and exciting fundraiser for your soccer team. Give your community something they can buy to express their loyalty to the team and cherish a quality-made, personally-designed product. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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