Custom Scarves: Why You Need Them and How to Order

There is something special about getting out your scarf on match day, or in our case, taking it down off the wall. The heart starts pumping a little harder, giving even more life to the excitement already coursing through your veins.

It is this feeling that makes soccer scarves such a singularly, great addition to passionate fans. There is pride in carrying it with you - putting it around your neck or holding it high for all to see.

We know our teams need us. We know when the players look into the stands and see us proudly supporting them, it gives them more reason to play even harder.

Our passion is no different than yours. We sincerely want to help you put your passion on display by providing custom scarves that you can be proud of. And we want the process to be as simple as possible for you - easy ordering, quick turnaround, and quality scarves.

How it works at Diehard

  1. Fill out our super-simple form. It will walk you through all of the info we need to get started.
  2. We’ll quickly respond with pricing so you know how much it will be right away. Our prices are very competitive, and are based on quantity and your delivery date. Your first order will be prepaid, but payment terms will become negotiable after your first order.
  3. We’ll also create multiple, awesome scarf designs for you to choose from. You will either select your favorite or tell us what you want changed. We’re happy to make adjustments until your happy with the design. All at no additional cost.
  4. Once the design is squared away, we’ll begin production immediately. Turnaround time is about 2-3 weeks. You will receive a notification from FedEx once your order ships.
  5. There really is no step 5, except that the anticipation building around the arrival of your amazing custom scarves may be overwhelming, so we highly encourage distracting activities during this time.

From the very beginning, we will have someone ready to work with you directly through phone or email - your choice.

A diehard fan deserves the best, so whether you’re with a team, school, or organization that’s what you’ll get.


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