Custom Sock Trends

We’ve all seen the personalized socks with your significant other’s face on them or the ones that remind you and others what your favorite food is (pizza). Sock customization comes in many forms, styles, lengths and colors and we’re here to talk trends.

The Rise of Socks

We used to want to hide our socks, they were considered just another undergarment that was purchased as a necessity with no extra thought behind the purchase. What did it matter, since no one really saw them anyway.

Now, times have changed and socks are on the rise, literally and figuratively. Socks can be a statement piece, a trend, or just another way to express your personality. There are socks for every occasion from weddings to sporting events. There are endless styles, colors and patterns to choose from. And of course, there are many different ways to wear these socks...including the formerly embarrassing 90’s dad look of chunky white sneakers with high socks. Who would’ve thought?

Business casual man sitting on a bench wearing custom socks of someones mugshot on them.

The Trend That Won’t Quit, Even in the Office

Statement socks have easily become a trend that won’t quit and seems to be embraced by most people on and off the runway. We're seeing socks worn with sneakers, sandals and even heels. Brands and businesses are slipping right into the trend by giving out branded socks as part of an employee’s everyday uniform or as swag to lounge around the office in. You’ll also find people adorning colorful and bright patterned dress socks in all workplaces for everyday wear and the trend is not slowing down in 2020.

A man sitting on a ledge holding a skateboard while his feet are dangling wearing custom socks that say L.A. wearing Vans shoes.

Socks for Jocks

Socks have always been a necessity for anyone participating in outdoor activities from hikers to athletes to skateboarders. Besides the practical aspect of socks, like their moisture wicking properties or that they keep feet and ankles warm or protect you from the elements, they can be a fun way to represent a team or brand that you love!

Athletes, super fans or team parents often show their support or allegiance to their team by wearing their sporting team’s socks. What better way to show you’re passionate about something than by wearing it from head to toe!

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Statement and Novelty Socks

Socks don’t have to be boring anymore. You can find a variety of bright colors, quirky patterns and fun themes online or at your local small business down the street. Name brands are a thing of the past and customization is taking over.  Sock enthusiasts customize their socks to represent anything from the hobbies they love to the food they love to eat. Novelty socks make for the best gifts, like:

  • A photo of your husband-to-be printed on socks for the entire bridal party.
  • Superheroes and villains for the entire family.
  • A collector's 4-pack of best friends favorite tv show.
  • A local brewery you support year round.

There are socks for any statement you want to make, you just have to make them!

Women making strides for Breast Cancer Awareness; only showing feet with custom socks and sneakers.

Socks for Cause

Anytime you do a fun run or a walk for a cause, you’re bound to come across a group of individuals wearing customized apparel that represent their crew. An incredible example of how custom apparel can help bring a community together is none other than the survivors and supporters that make strides to fight breast cancer every year. The impact of these events and fundraising efforts are what fund groundbreaking breast cancer research and provide patient services like free rides to chemo, free places to stay near treatment, and a live 24/7 cancer helpline.

Besides the groups and communities that come together to make a statement, sock brands are out there supporting some pretty amazing causes too. From socks that fight poverty to socks dedicated to save the environment, brands are making it their mission to give back and donate to the causes they are passionate about.

How to Jump on the Trend Train

Brands and businesses, whatever the size, are here for custom apparel. Customizable socks aren’t going anywhere, so why not jump on the bandwagon?

Here are 5 key tips to keep in mind when creating merchandise to sell or fundraise.

  1. Recognize who your target audience is. At times we are quick to forget who we are designing for.
  2. Buy in bulk and have a variety of unisex designs. It’s nearly impossible to make a single item that everyone’s going to love. Having more than one option to choose from will better your return on investment.
  3. Remember your mission. You’re here for a reason and remember to make an impact, whether it’s supporting a cause or designing for comfort.
  4. Your consumers' word of mouth can make or break you. Sock enthusiasts are no joke. These people are the one’s doing the majority of your referral marketing. If you produce a well-made product and you give them an outlet to express themselves, you’re on the right track for a successful community.
  5. Use a vendor that you can trust to put your passion on display. Diehard works tirelessly with brands, businesses, organizations, and teams to ensure that their wants and needs are met to a tee. You can check out how our process works to better understand the comprehensive steps we take to make your statement heard.

Woman standing a living room wearing pink heals and white socks that say "girls rule" on the back of them in black text.

Socks will never go out of style. Create custom socks for your group, team, community or cause. Go ahead, Diehard Custom is here to walk you through it. Request a quote and start designing!

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