Diehard Introduces Custom Beanies

It’s gameday, and besides taking a win on the field, you and your team scored a goal in personalized attire. With custom scarves wrapped tight around your necks for warmth, teammates and fans alike could use one extra piece of flare to tie the look together.

Welcome to the Team, Beanies!

Attention players and fans, coaches and refs, Diehard is proud to announce the release of our newest knit product: BEANIES!

Diehard offers a top-notch selection of customizable knit beanies to keep you warm during those chilly days on the field. Made from 100% knit acrylic, beanies are offered in one size with the following options:

  • Bold Yarn Colors
  • Custom text
  • Cuffed vs. Uncuffed
  • Add a Pom

What’s the best thing about Diehard beanies, you ask? We give you total control of designing each order - meaning our knit beanies are a perfect match with uniforms, warm ups, jerseys, and even custom scarves!

Drive the Design

Fold over cuffs and fluffy poms - oh my! When it comes to design, the ball is in your court. With various styles available, get your creativity flowing as you customize an order of at least 50 knit beanies. Our design tip: the more you buy, the more you save!

Custom Colors and Text

If you really want to stand out on the field, choose up to four stock yarn colors for a bold design that matches your team spirit. Are you looking to add text, your team mascot, or your school name? We’ll be happy to make adjustments until you love the way your beanies look.

To Cuff or Not to Cuff?

Whether you’re looking for warmth or fashion (or both!), Diehard gives you total control in designing your beanie collection.

We’ll take any excuse to wear beanies, especially in the colder months. With the option to add a knit cuff to the bottom of your beanie, keep your head and ears warm for every game, practice, or fundraising event the season brings!

Top It Off with a Pom

We have to admit, adding a pom to the top of a custom beanie gives an extra POP to your team’s look. Along with the option to add these fun poms, you’re able to choose the color that will top off your look from across the field.

From stands to sidelines and everywhere in between, Diehard wants to help you customize a sleek and stylish knit beanie that fits the spirit of your sports team, supporter group, or volunteer organization. Let’s get to the knitty-gritty work and start your beanie design today!

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