Everything You Need To Know About Custom Beanies

Fall and winter are a great time of year for both sports fans and athletes! Between football, soccer, and hockey games, diehard fans and athletes are out here supporting one another and it. Is. COLD. How can you represent your team head-to-toe when you’re bundled up to protect from the weather?

Ding, ding, ding! Custom beanies are a great way to rep your team, keep warm during games, and wear everywhere you go. We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about ordering custom beanies, including:

  • The process of designing and ordering your beanies
  • Benefits and opportunities after ordering custom apparel from Diehard Custom

Get ready to show your support, no matter what the weather!

hockey players skating on the ice with fans watching from the stands.

Creating Your Unique Design

Diehard Custom makes your design process effortless! Choose from the traditional pom and cuff combination, or keep it simple and opt for the classic beanie look. Then, simply submit your ideas, colors, logo, and team name, and our experienced designers will work their magic to bring your vision to life!

After submitting, you’ll be supplied with a variety of custom options to choose from, and even have the opportunity to request any changes you’d like to see. This all comes at no additional cost! Even better? There are no hidden setup fees! What you see is what you get. Place your order and you’ll be repping your team while staying warm in no time!

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Getting Your Custom Beanies

Your experience with Diehard Custom doesn’t stop after you hit submit. Orders typically arrive in just three weeks and when they do, they’ll accurately match your custom beanie design and colors. Each beanie is made with quality materials that can withhold even the coldest of conditions. Not to mention, they’re super comfortable too!

We don’t stop there! Our customer service representatives are available to help ensure that your experience is a positive one, and are always just a click away if you have any questions for us! If you’re not happy with your order, reach out to us and we’ll make it right.

a chilly fall night on the football field during a game.

Team Fundraising

Ordering and selling beanies as a team is a great opportunity to fundraise! This can help reduce costs and entice your team to work toward a common goal. We have established a custom apparel fundraising kit that you can use to gauge how much your team can earn with Diehard Custom, or you can check out our team fundraising tips for more inspiration!

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Be Part of the Team

Wearing a custom beanie to represent your favorite team does more than just keep your ears warm at the chilly soccer game or hockey practice. Wearing that beanie makes each individual athlete, coach, or diehard fan part of the team in a unique way. Rather than wearing your typical t-shirt or sports jersey, choose a custom beanie to display your team pride!

Something For Everyone to Enjoy

Custom beanies aren’t just for sports teams! Diehard Custom has produced apparel for breweries, video gamers, and more. There’s a custom design waiting for any group that wants to represent their team!

Show your support for your favorite team and keep warm at games and practices with custom beanies. Get started designing yours today!

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