Getting a Jump Start on Fall Fundraising

Fall may seem like it’s quite a while away, but when it comes to fundraising for sports, it’s never too early to start the planning process for the season to come. We’re all about breaking the traditional mold - especially with sports. With that being said, it’s time to take a break from last minute bake sales, car washes, and yard sales. Here’s how you can get a jumpstart on your team’s fall fundraising.

Check Out Last Year’s Numbers

No, we aren’t talking about how many goals and gameday wins your team celebrated. One of the most important steps of planning the season’s fundraising campaign is to analyze the previous year’s numbers.

Is your team in need of new equipment this season? Are there any travel games on the calendar, and what is the budget for each? Are funds needed for an end of the year awards dinner?

Once you’ve tallied up the numbers, add a bit of cushion for unexpected costs. From here, guesstimate how much time will go into your fall fundraising efforts. This may involve a group of people working together, but hey, we’re all a team! Don’t forget to read up on additional pointers to get your fundraising checklist set and ready for the season!

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The Big Sellers

Now it’s time to dig deep into the heart and soul of your fundraising strategy: the items. While bake sales and raffles are evergreen options that can be utilized all year long, let’s embrace the cool and crisp season of fall with cozy, knit items to keep you warm and your fundraising game hot.

  • Custom Scarves - With four types of knitted, printed, and woven scarves to choose from, customizing large orders for your fall fundraising campaign couldn’t be easier. Simply pick your style, select your colors, decide on messaging, and you’ll be sporting the hottest styles around your neck all season long!
  • Knit Beanies - Which do you prefer - pom or no pom, cuff or no cuff, text or no text? You’re the designer when it comes to custom knit beanies! Diehard offers a top-notch selection of beanies to keep you warm on those chilly game days. Minimum orders of 50.
  • Cozy Socks - We want to see your feet make a statement on the field, in the stands, and during fundraising events! With custom ankle and crew socks available in 8 color combos, get started on designing your order. With a minimum order quantity of 120 pairs, your one-of-a-kind socks are sure to be a top seller!
  • Personalized T-Shirts - There’s nothing like a good tee, are we right? Diehard is proud to offer three supersoft t-shirt designs for fundraising events. Add a logo, team mascot, and favorite color scheme to compliment your all-star look.

Can’t decide which item will be the best fit for your team? Get pricing and additional information for large fundraising orders, and check out the stellar discount that follows!

Let’s Get Social

As you plan your fall fundraising strategy, mix social media into the plan. If your school, travel sports team, or organization has active social media accounts, create custom posts to showcase your fundraising goals, plan of action, and items available for purchase (scarves, beanies, socks and t-shirts are great options… Just saying).

To get your supporter group hyped up and ready for the season, host a social media contest. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great outlets for this. Contests can range from the “Best Dressed Fans” who sport custom gear, to teammates and volunteers who sell the most product throughout the season. Getting a shoutout on social media is always exciting, and hey, if you tag @DiehardScarves, you may see a feature yourself!

Fundraising with Diehard

Custom sports apparel is a unique alternative to really pump up your fundraising efforts. From sports teams, organizations, volunteer groups, and school events, Diehard’s line of custom scarves, beanies, socks, and t-shirts are timeless fundraising ideas that have a high-value, low-risk proposition. Here are just a few benefits:

  1. Earn more than double your product expenses when fundraising with scarves
  2. Fun marketing for your team, organization, school, or big event
  3. You’d have the best dressed fans around

Looking for some design inspiration for your ? Check out our custom scarf gallery for a variety of designs. Ready to order? Fill out our contact form today!

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