Gifts For the Sports-Lover in Your Life

Gift-giving season is upon us and it’s time to get shopping for the sport lovers in your life. You know the type. The ones that stay awake all night to watch their favorite teams play live around the world. Or the ones that know the name, position, and the birthday of every player on their favorite team. Hit it out of the park this holiday season with these gifts.

Create a DIY Collectors Paradise

Did your sports-fan turn their passion into a collection? Are there piles of ticket stubs or sports jerseys stuffed in a drawer, dozens of bobble-heads in the attic, or stacks of hats falling out of the closet? Help turn that impressive collection into a display for a meaningful, personalized gift!

It’s a win-win situation. Free up some closet and drawer space, and put their passion on display! From ticket stub scrapbooks to DIY hat displays, you can get creative in helping your loved one exhibit their favorite sports collectibles.

Tip: Pinterest is a great tool for finding DIY ideas!

group of fans tailgating before a game

Tailgating Essentials

Keep your tailgating game strong with some of these MVP must-haves:

  1. Tabletop gas grill, for easy use and cleanup.
  2. Koozies. Sports fans love koozies.
  3. A nice cooler to keep you beverages chilled, even on the hottest of game days.
  4. Tent to block the sun or the rain, depending on the weather.
  5. Folding tables and chairs. Disclaimer: tables not for jumping on. (We’re looking at you, football fans!)
  6. Loud speakers to get the party going.
  7. Portable trash can to make clean up a breeze.
  8. Everyone’s favorite tailgate game, cornhole, of course!

And anything else you need to bring your tailgate to the next level!

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A Gift Card to Their Favorite Place to Watch The Game

Every sports-fan has their go-to place they spend almost every game day. A gift card to their favorite spot means free wings and brews the next time the team is playing, and everyone can agree that’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Tip: We’ve compiled a list of the best places for your soccer fan to catch their favorite team in soccer’s top US cities. A gift card to one of these joints will be extra special.

Anything From Their Favorite Sportswear Brand

Maybe you’ve got a Nike-loving football fan on your hands, or maybe a soccer fan that doesn’t leave the house without their Adidas joggers. When it comes to sportswear, your sports-fanatic will be happy with almost anything from their favorite brand! At their typically high price points, they’ll be looking forward to feeling good in the new year with some new fits.

Remember! Sportswear doesn’t need to be worn while working out. Active wear is typically super comfy and great for hanging at home when their favorite pro team is playing on TV.

college team displaying their soccer scarves

Gear For The Whole Team

If your sports-lover plays on a team or is part of a supporter group, get together and order custom apparel for the entire clan! With our low minimums from Diehard Custom, your group can sell apparel before the holiday season to be given as gifts, so the entire squad shows up looking fresh in their new custom scarves, beanies, or socks in the new year. You can even use it as a fundraising opportunity, selling your apparel at a profit and investing the extra cash into the team or group! It’s a great way to add a personal touch for your gift-getters this holiday season.

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Diehard offers custom beanies, custom scarves, and more, perfectly designed with your team in mind. Getting custom apparel for gift-giving is made easy, with low minimums and high-quality products. Let our designers help you get started today!

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