Combating COVID-19 by Reallocating Resources to Medical Masks and Other PPE Production

The Guard by Diehard: Helping Combat COVID-19: Making Masks and other PPE for Sale

Like most businesses across the world, Diehard has been keeping a watchful eye on the COVID-19 pandemic, prioritizing the well-being of our team, our production partners and our customers, while determining how we can engage in the national relief effort.

Staying Safe, and Fulfilling Orders

We’re taking every possible precaution to protect our employees and production partners, and remain committed to meeting customer demand for our products.

Our dedicated design experts are all working remotely, and our partner makers and production facilities in the US and abroad are adhering to all mandates and recommendations to ensure optimal safety and hygiene.

For larger orders, you may experience a slightly longer turnaround time, as most shipping companies have instituted temporary restrictions on heavier packages.

As the nation strives to track, test, treat and reduce the spread of Coronavirus, we’ll continue to proactively follow guidance from local and state health officials and the CDC.

Masks (and Other PPE) for Medical Professionals

In addition to continuing to fulfill orders for our flagship products, Diehard has elected to shift some production resources to the manufacture of face masks and other PPE to help protect healthcare workers, first responders and other essential workers on the frontlines fighting coronavirus.

Thanks to our global supply chain, we’ve already successfully produced and shipped hundreds of orders of masks and other critical supplies to those in urgent need.

To help us assist even more hospitals, clinics, elder care centers and other healthcare providers, share this article on social media and email us with any contacts you may have.

Masks for the Public

The Guard by Diehard: Helping Combat COVID-19: Making Masks and other PPE for Sale

Now that the CDC has recommended we all cover our faces in public, Diehard has expanded emergency production to include The Guard for the general public, starting with bulk custom orders for groups and soon extending to eCommerce for individuals as well.

Plus, The Guard can be used in lots of ways — long after we've conquered COVID-19.

The Guard by Diehard: Helping Combat COVID-19: Making Masks and other PPE for Sale

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