How to Design and Create Custom Socks for Your Team

How to Design and Create Custom Socks for Your Team

Whether you coach a sports team or manage a company, customized apparel and accessories can unite everyone. With eye-catching logos and designs, socks can transform any uniform or outfit while helping promote your brand.

Not sure where to begin? Diehard Custom can help you design and create custom socks for your team or group.

About Custom Designed Socks

Making socks with designs is a great way to provide your team or company with an accessory they'll be proud to wear. From serving as a practical wardrobe option to keep feet warm to providing a fun pop of color to casual outfits, socks are a versatile accessory.

At Diehard Custom, we have the sock styles and design capabilities to bring any vision to life. If you want to add a bold logo or subtle messaging, we'll work closely with you to make sure you're satisfied throughout the entire custom sock printing process.

What Are the Differences Between Our Sock Styles?

Here at Diehard Custom, we know that your needs and preferences are unique, which is why we offer multiple sock styles to choose from. Whichever one you choose, you'll find these socks to be the perfect base for your custom designs and logo.

Whether your goal is to raise funds for your team or add a little team spirit to the next competition, we have you covered. Learn more about the features and differences of each sock style.

Digital Crew Socks

Our digital crew socks, or DTG crew socks, are digitally printed, which means you'll be able to choose pretty much any image and print it onto the sock. Compared to dye-sublimated socks, digitally printed ones won't show as much white when stretched out. You'll enjoy a crisp image that stands out against the sock.

These socks are 100% acrylic and designed to provide wearers with a standard athletic fit. There are several comfort features — like a padded sole, compression around the foot and a ribbed ankle.

The digital crew socks reach midcalf, offering plenty of support and coverage. This height makes them perfect for playing sports or casual everyday wear.

Choose up to eight colors and add your unique logo to customize a pair of digital crew socks. While they are made to fit a standard men's size 9-12, we do have other sizes available.

Premier USA Crew Socks

Premier USA Crew Socks

Looking for a sock that will add both style and performance? You'll want to check out our premier USA crew socks. Just like their name suggests, these socks are of exceptional quality. Easily add your logo, team colors or message, and treat your entire team to a stylish accessory.

Made out of 75% polyester, 15% spandex and 10% nylon, our premier USA crew socks are designed with performance and comfort in mind. No matter what kind of sport you're playing, the top mesh panel will help add extra breathability to keep your feet cool.

There's also a ribbed ankle, built-in arch support, cushioned footbed and compression around each foot to add support. Small details like a seamless toe ensure long-lasting comfort. They hit mid-calf, making them the perfect height to show off some team spirit.

To make personalization easy, you'll have the option of adding up to six thread colors. With youth and adult sizes available, everyone will be able to enjoy the perfect pair.

Crew Socks

Our custom crew socks are designed to offer a standard athletic fit. They make it easy to display your brand's logo or messaging in a visually appealing way.

We've designed these socks out of 100% acrylic material to provide a lightweight feel. Athletes will appreciate how this design keeps them cool and comfortable both on and off the field. Experience performance when playing or wear them for a casual day out with friends.

We've also added a padded sole, ribbed ankle and compression around the foot for extra support. Because they reach midcalf, team members and fans can easily show off the sock's design.

To create your own unique style, choose from up to eight colors. Choose from a standard size men's 9-12, or let us know if you need additional sizing.

Ankle Socks

Looking for a shorter sock option? Our ankle socks add just enough height and style. When wearing shoes, they'll slightly peek out over the edge. While they are shorter than our other sock styles, there's still plenty of room to add your brand's logo so that it stands out.

These 100% acrylic socks are lightweight yet durable. You can count on them to keep you or the team cool and comfortable each time you slip them on. There's a short, ribbed ankle cuff for style and support. These socks are also designed to add gentle compression around the foot.

You'll be able to choose up to six colors to create your one-of-a-kind design, logo or message on these athletic socks. While our standard size is a men's 9-12, we do have additional sizes available if needed.

How to Design Your Own Socks That People Want to Wear

While socks may not be over-the-top advertising, they do subtly feature your logo and color scheme. Here are four simple steps to design custom socks that team members and supporters will want to wear:

  1. Create a goal: Most likely, you have a reason in mind for wanting to order custom socks. From using the socks to create team uniforms to selling them to raise funds for a group, you need to have a specific goal to inspire your marketing objective. There are steps you'll have to take, like promoting your accessory or shipping it out, that will influence the design process.
  2. Consider what the socks will be used for: If your socks aren't built for the task, most likely no one will want to wear them. Does your team play a lot of games during the hot summer months? If so, you'd want to choose a lightweight design that offers plenty of breathability. Similarly, if you host a lot of practice sessions during the fall or winter months, you'll want to choose a sock style that offers more coverage and provides warmth.
  3. Think about the fit: Depending on who you are designing custom socks for, you may find that some genders or age groups prefer one style and fit over another. This is why it's important to know your audience and what their needs and preferences are. Consider what's currently popular with your target audience to help inspire your design choices.
  4. Add design features: Along with your logo, focus on other design features like universal colors or adding a clever slogan to really make your custom socks stand out from the completion.

How to Create Your Own Socks

Designing your own socks is easier than ever with Diehard Custom. We've developed a simple four-step process so you can start wearing, giving away or selling your new socks as soon as possible.

Here's how it works.

1. Choose Your Sock Style

Choose Your Sock Style

The first step is to choose which style you want to customize — digital crew socks, premier USA crew socks, crew socks or ankle socks. Each one is designed to fit and look different and provides you with different design and color options.

Keep in mind that each style also has its own minimum order requirement and delivery timeline. Just need a few socks? Consider our premier USA crew socks that have a 12 minimum order requirement. Need your order delivered as soon as possible? Both our crew and ankle socks have a three-week turnaround once the art is approved.

If you need a little extra help visualizing a sock style, you can order a free premade sample before you start the design process. This can help you decide which style would work best for your specific needs and goals.

2. Get Your Free Designs

Once you decide which one of our sock styles you'd like to customize, you'll be able to start the design process. Click on "get free designs" to start filling out our form. Include key information like:

  • Quantity of socks you need
  • Preferred delivery date
  • Any logo or images you want
  • Overall design, such as where you'd like the logo or image placed and any other text or colors you'd like to include

Even though we'll start designing your socks, you can experience peace of mind knowing that this entire process is free — with no commitment to buy.

3. Review and Revise Your Designs

Once you've submitted your design request, our team will start designing your custom socks. We are dedicated to making sure you are completely satisfied with the results, which is why we will come up with different sock designs for you to review.

If you aren't happy with how a design looks or want to change something, just let us know. We offer unlimited revisions to make sure your custom socks are exactly how you envisioned them. Best of all? These revisions are completely free.

4. Place Your Order

After you've reviewed and approved the design, the last step is to submit your order. We'll start producing your custom socks and get them shipped out as soon as possible. Depending on which style you choose, shipping time could range from three to five weeks.

6 Ways to Use Your Custom Socks

6 Ways to Use Your Custom Socks

No matter the type or size of your sporting team, custom socks can be used in many ways to bring your team and fans together or promote your brand. For some inspiration, check out six different ways to use your new custom socks:

  1. Encouraging team spirit: With custom socks, it's easy for team members and fans to show some spirit during games. It will be easy for others to see exactly who fans are rooting for. When everyone is wearing the same socks, you'll also establish a sense of connection both on the field and in the stands.
  2. Fundraising: If your team is looking for a fun way to raise funds, custom socks are the way to go. Our high-quality designs are sure to turn heads at your next event. Most importantly, each sock style is affordably priced, helping you maximize your fundraising potential. At Diehard Custom, we want to make sure your event is a success, which is why we'll provide you with a fundraiser toolkit complete with design templates and checklists.
  3. Gifting: Whether it's for a team member or a fan, you'll find that custom socks make the perfect gift. These socks are just as practical as they are stylish. You can trust that your loyal supporters will love slipping into a pair and wearing them at games or pairing them with their casual, everyday outfits.
  4. Thanking team members: Custom socks are a great way to show your appreciation for a job well done. Maybe a team member reached a personal record or made an impact on the final score during the last game. No matter what they've achieved, a small gift can let them know how that you appreciate their effort and contribution.
  5. Giveaways: A giveaway can help reward your loyal fans. Promoting a giveaway can also work as advertising, helping get others interested in the team.
  6. Increasing brand awareness: Since your socks will have your brand's logo and messaging, they serve as a form of advertising. When team members or fans wear the custom socks during a game or while they are out around town, others will take notice. This will help increase brand awareness.

Why Choose Diehard Custom?

Whatever your design vision or goals are, Diehard Custom is here to help you achieve them. Our personalized design services ensure your logo and messaging are displayed exactly how you want them. We do all the work for you so you can enjoy the benefits of custom accessories. Along with low minimums, we also offer free shipping to help you save even more.

We can help you create a custom team shop so fans and supporters can easily find and place their orders online. All of the details of your shop are completely up to you — ranging from the price of your custom socks to how long your store is open. Our team will handle everything from the production to the shipping so you won't have to worry about a thing. Once the process is complete, we'll send you your funds.

For fundraising events, we can help you set up a pop-up shop. Just like with our custom team shop, our team will handle everything from creating a custom sock design to building a branded webpage.

You can trust we will take care of everything, whether you are hosting a giveaway or ordering custom gear for the team.

Design Your Own Socks With Diehard Custom

Ready to start designing a pair of custom socks that fit your brand? Diehard Custom is here to help you get started. Once you complete our form, you'll be able to dive right into our free design process. Back away at any time or continue working with our team to design a unique accessory — there are no strings attached.

Contact us today to get started!

Design Your Own Socks With Diehard Custom

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