6 Ways to Wear Your Soccer Scarf

The Accessible Way | The Quick Flip | The Traditional Wrap | The Classic European Knot | The Loop-the-Loop | The Not-Really-Wearing-It Way

You’re super hyped because your Diehard Scarf finally came in the mail just in time for your favorite team’s game this weekend, but you’re totally blanking on how you should wear it or what’s considered to be proper scarf behavior. If you’re not sure how to wear a sports scarf, we’ve got you covered with step-by-step instructions.

There are so many different ways to wear a soccer scarf and make the look your own. Soccer scarves have even caught the eye of fashion designers in recent years, making their way to major runway shows. Still, true fans know that scarf-wearing is just as much about heart as it is about style. Anyone can rock their sportswear like a pro. We’ll show you how to tie a football scarf in six easy ways so you can look your best while supporting the team you love.

1. The Accessible Way (Most Popular)

custom soccer scarf

While attending matches or watching them on TV, you may have noticed that your fellow fans opt not to wear their scarves the entire time and instead rise to hold them in the air above their heads. Wearing a football scarf the accessible way provides easy access to grab your scarf quickly and celebrate every time your team finishes that header or PK to win the game.

Cheer your team on using the Accessible Way in four easy steps:

  1. Drape: Pick up your scarf and place it around the back of your neck.
  2. Adjust: Make sure the scarf ends hang evenly over each of your shoulders and that your team logo is visible on your chest.
  3. Raise: Grab the edges of the scarf, pull it taut and lift it high over your head so everyone can read the name of the best team — yours, clearly!
  4. Repeat: Return it to the draped position around your neck and repeat to celebrate with the crowd.
how to wear a scarf

2. The Quick Flip

Fans are flipping over this versatile style! The Quick Flip works with or without a jacket. The best part about this look is the neck loop can be adjusted quickly — high and tight for warmth or loose and relaxed for comfort.

Here’s how you can sport this quick-and-easy classic look:

  1. Drape: Place the scarf around the back of your neck with both ends hanging loosely on your chest.
  2. Lengthen: Pull one side down so it’s a little longer than the other side.
  3. Flip: Take the longer side of the scarf and flip it over the opposite shoulder so the end drapes down your back.
  4. Represent: Wearing a jacket? Pull the shorter tail of the scarf out in front of your coat so others can see the team you support!

Protect your face during freezing weather by pulling up the neck loop to cover your mouth and nose. On warmer days, create a more relaxed fit by widening the neck loop for a looser drape at the top of your chest.

3. The Traditional Wrap

custom soccer scarf

As a true fan, you refuse to let cold temperatures or precipitation hinder your attendance, even if it’s brutal out there. Luckily for you, the chilly weather problem is eliminated with our dual-purpose soccer scarf working as an extra protective layer and wearable memorabilia. Diehard’s knitted and woven scarves let you display your team’s colors while staying warm and cozy!

Bundle up and show your team spirit with the traditional wrap following these steps:

  1. Drape: Place your scarf around the back of your neck with the ends held in each respective hand.
  2. Wrap: Take the tail of your scarf in your right hand and wrap it around your neck so it crosses the left shoulder.
  3. Crisscross: Duplicate this action on the opposite side by taking the scarf tail in your left hand and crossing it over the right shoulder.
  4. Wind: Continue to evenly wrap the scarf around your neck until your ends are too short to wrap around again. Tuck the ends underneath the folds.

Stay warm and try not to spill your hot chocolate because you missed your mouth after cheering for your favorite player who just got their 3rd hat trick of the season. Even if your cocoa does splash, the good news is that the scarf acts as a nice bib and burn prevention tool when worn this way!

4. The Classic European Knot

Breezy weather at outdoor soccer and football games can be unpredictable. With the Classic European Knot, your scarf can’t fly away in a sudden gust of wind. This look can also prevent the ends from flying into your face or that of your fellow fans. No one wants a scarf in their nachos!

Keep your football scarf secure in four easy steps:

  1. Fold: Fold your long scarf in half to create a loop at one end.
  2. Drape: Place the folded scarf around the back of your neck with the looped end on one shoulder.
  3. Knot: Pull the placed-together tail ends of your scarf through the loop to create a knot effect.
  4. Adjust: You can keep both tails the same length or make one side longer than the other to ensure your team’s name is visible.

5. The Loop-the-Loop

Looking for a more fashion-forward way to rep your sports gear? The streamlined Loop-the-Loop scarf looks great paired with a blazer and jeans. Show off your stylish team support at the stadium, at a restaurant after the game or even at work for casual sports-themed Fridays.

Create this continuous-loop look in one fluid motion, explained in three parts:

  1. Loop: Place one-third of the scarf on your chest’s left side with the logo showing, and start to loop the rest around the back of your neck.
  2. Loop again: Continue the loop around the front of your throat and then back of your neck again.
  3. Even out ends: With the tail of the scarf flat against your right side, line up the ends so others can view team logos.

6. The Not-Really-Wearing-It Way

You don’t actually need to wear your scarf to make a statement. As the ultimate fan, you know your team is going to win, so why not get the celebration started before the game even starts? This not-really-wearing-it way is also perfect for the warmer months when it’s a little toastier.

Rocking your scarf in only two steps? That’s easy!

  1. Take the ends of your scarf and hold it high!
  2. Rest arms as needed.

custom soccer scarf

Let’s Have Some Fun With It!

At the office, the team couldn’t help but get creative with some just-for-fun (not for real) suggestions to add to the list. We hope these nontraditional scarf suggestions stir up a few chuckles:

  • Use it as a jump rope to warm up pre-game.
  • Lasso an opposing team member off the field.
  • Choreograph a team cheer with it.
  • Tie a bunch together and use them to rappel down the walls of the stadium or sneak into sold-out games.
  • Soak up opponents’ tears with it after you crush them.
  • Use it as a start or finish line for tailgate races.

Design Your Custom Sports Scarves With Diehard Custom

No matter how you choose to wear your scarf, one thing’s for sure — your team support will never go out of style! With Diehard Custom, you can create top-quality custom scarves for your sports team, group, community or cause that’ll turn heads on and off the field. Get in touch with us to request a quote and start designing today!

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