Scarf Collector Series: Jason Davis

This one is for you, diehard soccer fanatic. If you've ever set your alarm for 3am to watch a match, or painted your face on game day - you're gonna love this. For a long time, we've been a fan of Jason Davis! Whether it is his awesome coverage on ESPN FC or his commentary as one half of the recently retired Best Soccer Show duo (what's up, Jared!), he's become a mainstay in our daily soccer media consumption.

When we found out that in addition to JD being a skilled writer & reporter, he is a huge soccer scarf collector, we were geeked. After a few minutes of fanboy'ing out - we asked Jason to sit down and be the subject for our first ever profile of scarf collectors. So, to flip the script a little bit, and rather than doing the interviewing himself, we were lucky enough to chat with Jason about his past, present, and future as a soccer scarf collector.

Give him a shout on Twitter, and check out the archives of Best Soccer Show too!

Q&A with Jason Davis

1. How did you get into collecting scarves? When did you get your first scarf?

I'm not sure when I got my first scarf, to be honest. I vaguely remember buying/being given an USA Nike scarf at some time around 2008, but I'm not sure of the details. Collecting sort of happened organically when I began doing The Best Soccer Show as a video podcast. I hung the scarves up behind me as part of the backdrop, and pretty soon people were sending me scarves to help fill it out.

2. In addition to being a collector, are you a huge soccer fan? Are you constantly attending games? Basically, do you live and breathe soccer?

Considering it's my full time job to talk and write about soccer, yes I think you could say that.

3. How do you get most of your scarves?

Scarves remain part of the backdrop for the video work I do, so they're almost completely decorative. Each one has a story of some kind, so it's fun to share with my listeners/viewers some of their origins.

4. Where do you keep/display your scarves? Do you have any pictures of the entire collection?

I've moved the collection a few times between studio spaces recently, so it's probably time to take some new pictures. Display is a DIY thing--working out the best way to show them off is something I enjoy.

5. Any idea how many countries your scarves represent?

Just three. I have a host of American scarves, a couple for Canadian clubs, and--thanks to a fan who lives there--a few Finnish ones.

6. Do you ever trade scarves?

Nope, and I don't think I would. They're almost all gifts, so trading them wouldn't be right.

7. Are you involved in any groups/clubs/tradeshows for collectors?


8. Any cool stories there of meeting other avid collectors?

I've run into a few people who have mentioned their collections, and I have journalists friends who collect only from games they've attending. I think that's a pretty cool rule, though I don't regret how my collection came together.

9. Do you have any COPA scarves from years past?

No Copa scarves. The Centenario will be the first.

10. Who are you rooting for in the upcoming COPA games?

The United States of America.

11. Anything else you'd like to add?

I really dig the Copa USA scarf. A quality addition to the collection.

New addition from @DiehardScarves.

A photo posted by Jason Davis (@davisjsn) on Apr 29, 2016 at 12:25pm PDT

A big THANK YOU to Jason for taking the time to talk to us! We can't get enough of your soccer coverage and look forward to continue to follow your career and scarf collection. ?

Psttt... You can get that Copa USA scarf Jason mentioned here:

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