Scarf Design Guide

One driving force behind a team is their fan-base. And one way to make sure they’re in their best form is outfitting them in a well-designed scarf.

Our scarf design guide is here to turn your vision into a reality that will last all season long. From season openers to the final game of a tournament, team up with Diehard Scarves and we’ll help get your team and supporters looking right.

There are 4 key elements to any great scarf design. Let’s check out each.

  1. Pick Your Style
  2. Select Your Colors
  3. Choose Your Messaging
  4. Simple vs. Complex Design

Pick Your Style

Did you know that every season is scarf season? Diehard Scarves offers personalized knitted, woven, and printed scarves to suit your team’s season, sports club, or upcoming fundraising event. The start to any great design is choosing the best suited scarf material for your team's masterpiece.

Classic Knit - Our classic knit scarf allows up to 6 thread colors and personalized options on both sides. This scarf is our most popular (and soccer’s most popular).

Premier USA Knit - Our premier USA knit scarf is similar to The Classic Knit, but allows for more detailed decoration. Add up to 6 thread colors and unique artwork on both sides of these softer and fuller retail grade scarves.

HD Woven - These scarves can be 1 sided or 2 sided, and although they aren’t as thick as the knitted options, they’re made with the highest quality yarn. Logos are very clear and detailed on these scarves because of the tightly woven pattern. HD Woven scarves allow up to 6 thread colors and are our most premium option.

Sleekprint - This is a lightweight, printed custom scarf made of high quality poly/spandex. It has no limitations to the complexity of your artwork, so add all the colors you’d like! This scarf is perfect for warmer weather events.

Select Your Colors

Most team colors (and color schemes) run off a primary color, along with 1-3 secondary or accent colors. We’ll use a similar approach in your scarf design. For production, you’ll be able to choose from our stock yarns, allowing us to produce fast and provide a close color match.

Check out our 100% high-quality acrylic yarn colors.

Choose Your Messaging

Besides adding your team name and stellar colors, take your customization to the next level with a customized message. Does the team have a motto or slogan you’d like to add? What else represents your team or fanbase?

Simple vs. Complex Design

There are two main design styles with scarves, and both have their place. Simple designs will have minimal elements (bars, stripes, chevron, etc.), and put the focus on the logo and team name. Complex design will have a lot of elements that fill out the scarf end to end.

With a variety of scarf styles, design options, and color schemes available to create one-of-a-kind scarf designs, you and your team are in total control of creating the season’s perfect accessory. Let’s get the ball rolling and make your team the best lookin’ one out there!

custom soccer scarves

Once your one-of-a-kind scarves are delivered and ready for gameday, pass along these ideas on how to wear your soccer scarf to the team!

Looking for some inspiration? Check out our custom scarf gallery for a variety of designs.

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