Scarves for Year-round Use: Summer Included

So here you are thinking “Scarves are fantastic, represent my passion for my team, love wearing them but…don’t they get hot in the summer? Isn’t it too warm to wear them?”

You might be thinking yes. But, the reality is: you can wear them year round!

Combine Passion and Season

See, scarves can represent your pride no matter the season – different materials and construction can make them heavy and thick or light and airy. Take our Sleekprint scarves, for example – they’re made of a poly/spandex material that lends itself well to warmer climates.

The fact is: summer sports teams need to be shown the love too. Baseball games, soccer games, swim meets – all those events during the late spring, summer and early fall don’t take a break because of the weather, so why should your scarf-wearing habits take a break either?

Protecting you from the Elements

In addition to putting your passion on display, summertime scarves are the practical choice. Nothing kills a great day faster than sunburn and UV rays. That yellow scourge of the sky, just sitting up there mocking you as your skin sizzles. And the tan lines. Oh, the tan lines! The indecency of a sunburned neck, making it impossible to sleep (or really move your head at all).

Even if we forget the sun there is more to consider. What if you live in an area where the climate changes throughout the day? When those afternoon showers let loose across the southeast, or the fog rolls into the Bay Area, or the northeast corner of the country just can’t decide what it wants to do, what then? If only there were some simple, affordable (but still cutting edge) solution to this pesky problem.

Spoiler alert: it's scarves. (You didn’t really think we were going to suggest anything else, did you?)

Scarves: Perfect protection from wind, rain, and the sun.

Do you rock a summertime scarf? Tell us your favorite use in the comments below!


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