The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here! Our official COPA Centenario Soccer Scarves have arrived and are waiting here patiently until you decide which one out of the 35 designs will be wrapped around your necks come game day!

Bring Out the Designs!

We have had you on your toes for weeks now but fear no more, we have come fully stocked and loaded! We have created 35 designs, 2 per team +3 COPA America Scarves. These custom designed scarves are made to fit the style of each of the 16 teams. You have to see it to believe it, so head over to the Diehard Scarves Shop and start browsing.


Let us be your Guide

Are you're traveling to see your favorite team play? We can help!

Navigating yourself around a new city can be quite difficult, especially without any guidance. We have created a list of City Guides for each of the 10 cities to answer questions like:

  • Where to watch the game?
  • Where to buy gear?
  • Where to play a game of Pick Up?
  • Where to be a tourist?
  • What to do on match day?

From restaurants and bars to local soccer shops, city parks, and fields, to the top tourist attractions, these guides can help make your travel to a new city a breeze. With that being said, check out our list of City Guides:

  • Boston (While you're here, be sure to check out Fenway Park.)
  • Chicago (We heard AJ Hudson's Public House has 25 TV's!)
  • Houston (Did you know there's 25 Soccer Feilds over at Meyer Park!)
  • NY/NJ (Times Square is calling your name and you know it.)
  • Orlando (Take the wheel and drive... down International Drive in Orlando)
  • Pasadena/LA (If you like long walks on the beach,  California is for you.)
  • Philadelphia (You might want to pick up a Philly Cheese Steak while you're here.)
  • Phoenix (Take 5 minutes out of your day to enjoy the scenery around you.)
  • Seattle ( Catch some incredible views from Seattle's Space Needle!)
  • The Bay Area (You have to visit the Golden Gate Bridge. That's a no-brainer.)

COPA America is only a month and a few days away so why not get the ball rolling and familiarize yourself with the city you are visiting. And, if you haven't bought your tickets yet - What are you waiting for?

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