The Fundraising Idea You Didn’t Think Of

Coming up with fundraising ideas is tough. Plain and simple, there are a lot of options and you need something that works.

I grew up playing sports, and every year for almost every team I played for, we had to figure out how we were going to raise money.

In some cases, the players had to do TONS of work. One year it was going door to door, the other it was calling every family member I had talked to in the past 5 years and guilting them into a purchase.

So let me spare you some trouble and give you a fundraising idea that not only works, but one that is good for your team or club no matter the size.

Custom Scarves

Hear me out. It’s rare that a fundraiser offers a cool product. And I don’t care who you are - custom scarves are cool.

Let’s say you’re fundraising for your high school football team and you want something that will bring in funds and give your team and fans something to be proud of.

Custom scarves do just that, and you have a couple of ways this can be a successful fundraiser for you.

How to Sell - Option 1

Pre-sell the scarves before ordering so you know exactly how many you need to order, reducing your cost so that you end up profiting more. With this option, you will need to be able to do some advertising - maybe through the school email system for starters.

How to Sell - Option 2

Order the scarves up front so you have more flexibility on where and how you sell them. Depending on your design you’d have the option of selling at community events, games, school functions, and more. With this option, you could spend less time and energy marketing.

Ridiculous Profit

Ultimately you choose how much you sell each scarf for, but I’d recommend shooting high. You are going to be getting these scarves for less than $10 a piece (depending on which scarf and how many you order) and they carry a lot of value, so you could be making up to $15 a scarf! Like I said, that’s ridiculous profit.

Low Minimums

The goal is to sell as many scarves as possible, but let’s say you wanted to do a test run. Perfect, we can provide as few as 25 pieces so you can gauge interest and build anticipation in your community.

A Few Selling Points to Use

  • No better way to support your team or school
  • Keeps you warm at cold weather events
  • If you don’t wear it, you can hang it up in your room or office
  • They last for a really long time
  • Did I mention they are cool?

This is just one example.

I bet you didn’t think about custom scarves as a fundraising idea before reading this, but I hope now you can see the benefit.

If you want to know more about our custom scarves, or just want to get pricing so you can begin your planning you can click here.

Check out our custom scarf options below

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Woven Scarves

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We are happy to announce that we have recently added custom beanies to our product line! Just like soccer scarves, custom beanies are versatile and great for fundraising. Learn more over at our custom beanies page.

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