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Wear your team pride time and time again

It’s no surprise that fans love to show their support (anyone who’s willing to paint their body in team colors is clearly a diehard supporter). From screaming in the stands to the camaraderie of a job well done after a match, sports fans have unparalleled pride. With custom sports scarves they can wear their team pride time and time again (and without the body paint). Wrap it around your neck or hold it high for all to see.

The style and team pride exuded by a custom scarf is rivaled only by its practicality. 30 degrees outside? No problem, scarves will keep you warm. Sun beating down on your neck? Scarves have your back. Raining? No big deal. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night keeps these scarves from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

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What type of Scarves are best for you

Champions Knit

The premium version of the traditional jacquard knit options. Allows for more clarity and cleaner logos compared to the Classic Knit.

Classic Knit

The classic knitted soccer style scarf, this style allows up to 6 colors of thread and unique artwork on both sides. Our most popular, this scarf is both affordable and has a very high perceived value.

HD Woven

HD Woven scarves can be 1 sided or 2 sided, and are made with the highest quality of workmanship and allow for the most detailed logos possible while using thread-based production. Our most premium scarf option.

Premier USA Knit

Made in the USA. Traditional jacquard knit scarf with a tighter knit. Added lycra gives it a slight stretch and softer feel.


This is a lightweight, printed custom scarf made of high quality polyester. It’s often referred to as a summer scarf. This scarf has no limitations to the complexity of the artwork, and is great for warmer weather events.

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