5 Best Ways to Show Team Spirit While Social Distancing

Diehard Custom Coronavirus update

We’ve been keeping a very watchful eye on the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, and our highest priority is the well-being of our team, production partners, and our customers. We have a few important updates to share with you:

Team. Our dedicated design experts are doing well, and have all been working remotely to help keep everyone healthy.

Production. Custom apparel and accessory manufacturing is still in progress, and we’re taking every precaution with our partner makers and production facilities in the US and abroad to stay safe and hygienic.

Shipping.You may see slightly slower turnaround times for larger orders, as FedEx has instituted some shipping restrictions for heavier packages during this time.

Face masks. We’re pivoting some production resources to make face masks sorely needed to protect healthcare workers and others on the frontlines of facing coronavirus. But, we need your help to connect to hospitals, clinics, elder care facilities, and other healthcare centers in need. Please help us reach them by getting in touch via support@diehardscarves.com or 844-396-3085.

Given the evolving nature of the situation, we’ll continue to proactively follow guidance from local and state health officials and the CDC, and will keep you informed of any developments as soon as they happen.

That being said, we wanted you to know that now, more than ever, we’re inspired by you—our customers: communities who are, in one way or another, building something bigger than themselves, helping steer change, and are bringing people together and giving them a unique place to belong.

person sitting on couch in her living room on her computer practicing social distancing

Socializing while Social Distancing

We wanted to help you keep a sense of community alive while social distancing and staying home. Not being able to hang out with friends, loved ones, and colleagues can make us all feel a little lonely or disconnected. So, here are a few ideas of how to share your team spirit, put your #PassionOnDisplay, and stay positive, connected, and creative while hunkering down.

1. Plan “work-ins”

Skip the gym. Keep your “quaranteam” in shape and your skills sharp by doing work-ins together at home via videoconference (Zoom, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts are solid free ones to use). Share your work-in plan or drills you want to run with the group ahead of time, and designate a leader or team captain to guide everyone through the exercises. You could even livestream, or turn it into a friendly competition or challenge to make it more fun. Share with a unique hashtag on social media to help motivate and inspire others.

2. Hold virtual pep rallies or spirit days

You can show your pride anywhere—even at home. Host a virtual pep rally: wear your team, school, or group’s uniforms, merch, or colors and get creative with face paint and hair chalk. Get crafty and make oversized banners or posters, and then hop into the pep rally videoconference room to sing your fight song and share your spirit! You could even plan virtual performances, like this California choir, or your own mini #ClubQuarantine dance party or Tik-Tok dance challenge as part of the festivities.

Tuning in together a few times a week? Then make a list of “spirit day” themes and show up to the videoconference all decked out. Winner gets a giftcard to a local business who needs your support.  Some ideas could be: Star Wars Day, Minecraft Day, Beach Day, Meme Day, Video Game or Movie Character Day, Twin Day, Cult TV Show Day, Formal Day, Crazy Hair Day, Out of this World Day, Favorite Food Day, and more.

person holding a game controller in front of a tv with a sports game on it

3. Host online get-togethers

You can still spill the quarantea by spending time together with friends and family online:

  • Host a #QuarantineAndChill movie night using Netflix Party or SyncLounge. Top that by making it a weekly occurrence, and dressing up or cooking a killer spread for a themed movie night.
  • Need your sports fix? Plan a watch party to experience the rush of winning again:
  • Cheer on Megan Rapinoe and the rest of the US team as they topple The Netherlands at the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup
  • Choose the greatest Super Bowl of all time
  • Review last season’s films to get a strategic jump on your fall sports season
  • Team up during a virtual game night or virtual pub quiz, and play IRL games (Codenames, Taboo, Trivial Pursuit, etc.), or download Houseparty to play online (Heads Up, QuickDraw!, trivia, etc.), all while connecting and chatting with friends via videoconference. Also, most of your favorite board games now have online versions you can play, so embrace some friendly competition.
  • Use YouTube or Spotify and videoconference for virtual karaoke sessions or dance parties
  • Tune in to a virtual live concert with your friends

4. Turn downtime into quality time

#StaySafeStayHome doesn’t mean that you have to become a hermit. As most people are paying more attention to social media right now, use this time to get to know each other a little better. Post questions or polls for your fans and followers to answer. Develop “meet the team” interviews, where people can learn more about your community. Example questions could be:

  • What’s giving you life right now?
  • Favorites—food, movies, books, spirit animal, cocktail or mocktail, things to do outside of work, song, art, color, place, etc.
  • Firsts—concert, vacation, big win, road trip, crush, car, job, app you check when you wake up, Instagram post, pet, tattoo, etc.
  • Claim to fame?
  • Biggest challenge or fear you’ve overcome, and how did you do it?
  • Proudest moment of your life?
  • Last interesting thing you learned, or had to un-learn?
  • Values that drive you?
  • What’s your work from home or #QuarantineLife setup look like? (ask for photos)

5. Support your local community

How can you and your team, friends, and family band together to help flatten the curve with (socially distant) social good? Here are a few ways you can help out your local community during this time of layoffs, school closures, stressed nonprofits, and shuttering local businesses.

  • Give blood, as local blood banks are running dangerously low
  • Raise and donate money to a local food pantry, homeless shelter, or other nonprofit organization to help provide for the most vulnerable
  • Contact local grocery stores and offer to shop for, pick-up, or deliver groceries or meals for elders, the disabled or immunocompromised, and others in need in your community
  • Leave local salons, spas, hospitality or entertainment venues, restaurants and bars a positive review on Google, Yelp, Facebook, Open Table, Resy, or Trip Advisor
  • Like, comment, or share local businesses’ social media posts, or shout them out on your own channels and tag a friend
  • Order takeout from a local restaurant, buy online from local makers and retailers, or purchase a gift card for later use (or to gift to loved ones)
  • Take it a step further, and organize a virtual Small Business Saturday Challenge with your local Chamber of Commerce, or among your friend group or social followers, where you encourage everyone to make a purchase from a small, local business.
  • Even though it’s hard, continue to stay at home as much as possible, wash (and moisturize!) your hands, practice safe social distancing, and follow guidance from your local and state officials

Remember to practice social distancing and please #StaySafe everyone!

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