Fundraising For Sports Teams

When it comes to team sports, fundraising is important. Earnings can cover expensive costs, such as travel, equipment, jerseys, apparel, and tournament fees. It’s also a great opportunity for your team to come together and work toward a common goal, something they are likely very familiar with already! How to start fundraising, however, is always a difficult task. We’ve rounded up our best tips for implementing a successful team fundraising initiative to effectively raise capital and engage your team!

Create a List of Potential Fundraising Ideas

Start by doing some research and seeing how other teams have found success with fundraising. Be sure your ideas have a high potential to sell large quantities and earn a sizable portion of the profits. Create a list of ideas and narrow it down to the strategies that most interest your team and have the highest  potential for success. What should be at the top of your list? Selling custom apparel, of course!

two female athletes sitting on the ground chatting.

Gauge Interest in Your Fundraiser

Before you ask your team to sell a product, make sure your audience is interested! Have your teammates talk to their friends, families, and other athletes to see if your fundraiser would be something they would like to contribute to. Sure, Aunt Sylvia might buy that local coupon book she’s never used for the fifth year in a row, but your fundraising can be more effective (and profitable!) if she’s getting something she will actually use!

In addition, make sure there aren’t other teams in the area selling the same products. The best fundraising campaigns have unique items that people can get excited about. With Diehard Custom, you can add custom colors, messaging, and logos to create one-of-a-kind products for every team super-fan and supporter! [dragon_cta id="6327"]

Market Your Fundraiser

Let people know you are selling! To raise awareness around your fundraiser, your team can attend local events, share information on the team social media pages (athletes can share posts too!), and hang up signs around town or campus to grab people’s attention.

If you’re selling custom apparel, your first customers can be your best marketers. After wearing their custom beanie to one sporting event, the entire crowd will be asking where they can get one.

Make it a Competition

If you’re working with a team of athletes to raise money for your program, you already have a group that thrives on competition! To create a greater incentive to raise funds, offer a prize or other type of recognition to the group that can collectively earn the most.

team huddled up with their hands in the middle about to cheer out.

Benefits of Team Fundraising

The top priority of team fundraising is of course to raise money for your cause. But what happens in the interim is much bigger than that! As a team, members are always working toward one specific goal, whether it be winning more games than the year before, heading to the championship, or to have a great time alongside their friends. Fundraising is no different! Actively working together to earn capital for their team is a great bonding exercise that can improve teammate morale and increase motivation to compete.

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Fundraising with Diehard Custom

Diehard Custom makes fundraising easy! Before you get started, check out the calculator in our Fundraiser Kit to see how much your team can raise with custom apparel. Then, select any one of our many customizable products. Will you choose scarves, beanies, socks, t-shirts, or all four?!

The next step is what makes Diehard Custom different. You can add your customized colors, messaging, and a logo to create a unique product your fans will actually want to buy! Our experienced designers at Diehard Customwill make sure your product looks the best it can be, designed with you in mind.

Get started on fundraising for your team with Diehard Custom today!

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